Let the Gardening Begin!


As a Iowan my small yard is utilized to grow food during the summer months.  This summer my garden promises to be larger and more productive due to all the research and thought I’ve put into it.  My strawberry bed and blackberry bushes should continue to produce high quality fruit.  I’m also planning to have a container garden on my deck starring tomatoes, peppers, and salad fixings.  This will be my second year container gardening and hopefully I have learned from last year’s mistakes.  😉  I will also be hand-digging a couple plots behind the house to grow my green beans, watermelons, cucumbers, onions, and carrots. 

To get a jumpstart bell pepper (multiple colors) and tomato (Burpee’s Beefeater/Big Boy) seeds were started indoors last weekend.  I was suprised to discover that my tomato plants have already germinated and are several days ahead of schedule (per the seed packet).  The plants are being grown from seed in coconut-fiber mix (an environmentally friendly option to peat) in a plastic green house.  My office’s desk has turned into a plant nursery as it sits right in front of a nice south-facing window.  It is going to be wonderful to see something green growing after such a long winter.