Cool Drink of Water

FB_IMG_1471968756611Life has been very busy and what makes it even busier than a puppy?  Fate has turned that magical 7 months and is starting to look like a big boy.  He is actually distantly related to both Motion and Loki and has some traits of both.  He has Motion’s busy mind, biddability, and quick learning capabilities without the neurosis, mental instability, reactivity, and extreme hyperactivity that Mo was known for.  He also has working ability, ability to keep a cool head, and focus– traits Motion lacked.  Fate has Loki’s natural ability to read livestock, desire to work, and sense of humor.  Fate also has that special something that makes him Fate.  He’s a cool drink of water on a hot day.  Refreshing, fun to work with, and entirely unique.

Fate has gotten to work sheep twice now- at 12 weeks and 6 months.  I plan to give him another go in a few weeks.  Fate has tons of eye, likes going to heads, reads his stock well, and is enthusiastic.  However he’s not wild and out of control, a trait that Loki has battled for a long time.  Fate is thinking and keeps a pretty cool head for such a young guy.  But he’s got a lot of growing up to do before he’ll be ready to start real training.  And we’ve got a lot of relationship building and fun puppy days ahead of us.