About Me

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (emphasis Pre-Veterinary Studies) and Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT).  My main interests are animal health, photography, and behavior.  I train my dogs in multiple sports and am learning about better training methodology every day.  I train using positive reinforcement as I believe that your relationship with your dog should be based on trust and mutual respect.  Every day, in every interaction with a dog you are building a relationship with that dog- the quality of the relationship is up to you.  One day I hope to be worthy of my dog’s devotion by becoming the type of trainer they deserve.  Border Collies (working lines) and German Shepherds (not the American type) are my breeds of choice.

Bethany and the crew.

I can be reached at b_j_01@hotmail.com.

“I believe it’s long past time that we totally lose all the dominance-based, alpha-obsessed baggage that has infliltrated dog training and acknowledge that sucessful animal training can be rooted in cooperative partnerships, shared joy, and genuine love.” .. . . . “when we frame dog training in terms of gaining control by never providing the dog unearned pleasure, we sell ourselves short.”
— Plenty in Life is Free by Kathy Sdao

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