Border Collie Databases

Anadune Border Collie Database

Border Collie Database

Border Collie Trial Database

ISDS Database

Border Wars: The Border Collie Controversy

A Short History of the Border Collie and AKC-An brief overview of the Border Collie’s struggle against AKC’s forced recognition and breed standard.  An article all border collie owners should read.  A more thorough coverage is given in the book “Dog Wars” by Donald McCaig available through Dogwise.

Judging the Border Collie– An article by Janet Larson about the structural differences between working and show border collies.

Challenge Yourself: Grow Beyond Dog Training Myths

Considerations for shock and ‘training’ collars: Concerns from and for the working dog community– An article published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior discussing the usefullness and ramifications of shock collars.

Dr. Sophia Yin DVM MS: The Art and Science of Animal Behavior- Goodbye Alpha, the path to a positive relationship requires finesse, not force.

Dog Supplies

Boomerang Dog Tags– Deeply engraved dog tags that your dog can’t lose.

Canine Pedigree Health Research

Animal Health Trust- Does canine health research projects and is always looking for donor samples.

Border Collie Glaucoma Database

Border Collie Health Test Results– Lists results of various genetic health tests.  Results are only posted if approved by owner.

CERF– Eye test results database.

Canine Health Information Center (CHIC)- Database collecting information on health conditions.  Just beginning to cover Border Collie health checks/disease information.

Czech Republic Epilepsy Database for Border Collies

Institute for Genetic Disease Control (GDC)- Has information on genetic diseases in specific dogs through a collaborative effort.  Most information is now listed on OFA but ‘kinsreports’ are still available.

K9 Behavioral Genetics– Does genetic research on various diseases and conditions.  Currently studying aggression in border collies.

NAIA Articles– National Animal Interest Alliance has a library of articles written by veterinarians and other researchers in the field covering many topics of note.  One of the most important topics covered include an unbiased review of the risks/benefits of spay/neuter surgeries at different ages, breeding issues, and the hallmarks of a reputable breeder.

Canine Sport Injuries & Disease

Veterinary Orthopedic Sports Medicine Group– Wonderful articles.

Canine Nosework & Scent Work

National Association of Canine Scentwork (NACS)– Only official sanctioning & organizing body of the sport Canine Nosework.

Training Resources

Australian K9 Events- Has articles on clicker training, flyball, agility, etc compiled on this site.  Some excellent articles by Emma Parsons, Karen Pryor, etc.

Dog Star Daily– Free Dr. Ian Dunbar books, articles, and printouts for dog classes and personal use.

Fast Forward Dog Sports Articles– Great articles on agility training.

Karen Mecklenburg Articles– Awesome Paws Dog Training and articles on agility training.

Karen Pryor Articles– Agility training articles by Karen Pryor

On Course Agility Articles

Protocol for Relaxation by Dr. Karen Overall, protocols summary available here.

SPCA Training Resources– Articles and information on many different issues.

Susan Garrett Articles– Say Yes Dog Training and articles by Susan Garrett.

Suzanne Clothier Articles


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