Other Family Members



Date of Birth: Est. 2010
Adopted from: Boone Humane Society, 2012

China arrived a few months after we lost Gato to heart failure.  My household just wasn’t the same without a cat so I began searching.  After going through several shelters and many adoption ads I stopped at Boone Humane Society as I’d heard they had a Siamese that was dog friendly.  China was hiding in a cardboard box in her cage and didn’t really catch my eye.  After meeting all the other cats I went back for just one more look.  The shelter staff had to drag China out of her box while she dug her claws in to the sides of her hidey hole.  When they set her in my arms she looked me straight in the eye and started purring.  So after waiting 4 months at the shelter China found a home.  She immediately proved that she wasn’t the reserved kitty I had thought her to be.  She immediately zoomed through the bathroom and decimated the toilet paper. China is now queen of the house.  She spends her days stealing laundry, beanie babies, and other items.  She drags them through the house and hides them in her “secret” bathroom cache.  Sometimes she gets the zoomies and races under the Border Collies.  Playing with Loki is a fun past time as is dismantling screen windows so she can dash through the neighborhood with me in pursuit.  I’ve found it’s easier just to send Loki out to collect her on her rare jaunts.  China loves to shred toilet paper, paper towels, and other paper goods.  I’m always amazed at the things she’s scaled in order to find her “toys.”  With a happy-go-lucky attitude, a tolerant view towards dogs, and more mischievous ideas than a dozen cats China is truly a Crawford.  I hope for many wonderful years with this vivacious girl.

FHF Karma “Karma”

Karma 2017

Birthdate 1/22/2005

Karma is an easy-going gal who loves to cuddle and play ball.  Although Karma isn’t my dog she has been living at my house much of the time for her entire life.  She is a littermate to Motion (see past dogs) and is quite the sweetheart.  We’re all happy to have Karma around and enjoy her a great deal.  Unfortunately Karma is extremely thunder/sound phobic and is not good around small children.   Karma has beautiful mismatched eyes which seems to suprise people.  And when she’s out racing the other dogs her eyes become even more striking.  Although Karma has arthritis she lives every day to it’s fullest. Hopefully this sweet girl will have many more years ahead of her.


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