Dangerous Dream’s Fate NTD

1st leg towards HTADs-1


Birthdate 2/3/2016
Registration DDFarm Fate

ABC 430932

Health Checks BAER normal, 7 wks old

CERF normal, 7 wks old

Fate is an outgoing, happy pup out of Liz Phare’s Juniper and Bob Salmon’s Cap.  Both parents are top USBCHA open trial dogs and many of their pups are already running USBCHA Nursery.  Fate is a natural worker.  He is a wide outrunner, a natural at driving, strong-eyed, extremely biddable, rates his stock, and bites heads/heels if needed.  We are building his herding foundations and his enthusiastic attitude makes every lesson a joy.

At home Fate is my shadow and at work he is the hospital greeter constantly performing tricks.  Fate is a team player getting along with virtually every dog, adores cats, loves to learn tricks, and enjoys hiking.  Fate is also very photogenic and his photos have appeared in several publications including the Border Collies in Action Calendar 2017 and 2018, Border Collies in Action “Eyes on Ewe” Notecards, and is Trupanion’s 2017 “Cover Dog.”


Fate Trupanion Coverdog 2017

Fate is Trupanion’s 2017 Cover Dog on their website



Hurry up! (Fate at 18 months)


Fate ran one run at a trial just for fun at 13 months.